Fine Jewellery born and raised in Saudi Arabia



Deema Hefzi, a Saudi Arabian jewellery designer and artist, pulls us in to her realm with her debut collection Nomadeo. Consisting of handmade carved Sardonyx shell, 18k yellow gold, and diamond cameos, Hefzi pays homage to her heritage and brings to life unique heirlooms designed to be passed down for generations.

Hefzi’s interest in designing cameos stemmed from her fascination in Victorian era artifacts. Seeing men and women from the 1800s memorialised and revered in museums around the world made Hefzi wonder what it would be like to capture the likeness of her ancestors with their intricate features in the same way.


Hefzi was also heavily influenced by her mother who she considers a tastemaker and the strongest influence on her taste and style. She believes she inherited her mother’s eye. Her mother has collected cameos for decades and is an avid art and jewellery appreciator, which has also affected how Deema sees the world around her.

Hefzi imagines a world where her ancestors can depict their history through portraits and cameos. With Nomadeo, her vision is actualised through wearable works of art.


Create your own bespoke pieces with Deema Hefzi. We create wearable works of fine art made in the finest materials with every detail carefully considered, thoughtfully designed and meticulously handmade by highly skilled and generationally trained artisans. Schedule a meeting with us and let our team of goldsmiths and carvers along with Deema Hefzi bring your wearable art dreams a reality.


To initiate the bespoke jewellery creation process, the designer schedules a briefing with the client via email, phone, or in-person, based on the client’s preference. During this consultation, Deema gathers information about the desired piece, including finishes, gold color, and gemstones. Once the client approves the digital model and price, the designer proceeds to create a unique and exquisite piece of jewelry, such as an elaborate ring, brooch, necklace, bracelet, or pendant.


The final product is a one-of-a-kind bespoke piece of jewellery that not only meets the client’s desires but also showcases Deema Hefzi’s exceptional artistry and attention to detail.