Deema Hefzi

is a Saudi jewelry designer with a background in Fine Art Sculpture and a degree in Jewelry and Metal Arts from the Academy of Art University in San Francisco. She began collecting semi-precious stones and crystals as a child, and fondly remembers scattering them on her bedroom floor rearranging them to design her own jewelry. She was constantly dreaming up designs to take to her local goldsmith to fabricate for her.

Deema focuses on natural materials and ties them into her culture by fusing the two with a unique intricacy in craftsmanship while maintaining highest industry standards.

Avoiding mainstream trends, Hefzi creates pieces that withstand the test of time, designed to be passed down as heirlooms. It is paramount for Deema to have her pieces well thought out to the smallest minute details and her creations carry a wonderful element of surprise even if it’s only for the wearer to discover. Ultimately Deema’s objective is to create wearable pieces of art that represent her culture in an unorthodox fashion.

Our Designs

Hefzi is based in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia and creates her handmade jewellery pieces locally in addition to working closely with Italian generationally trained craftsmen to maintain the quality and integrity of hand-carved cameos.

Hefzi also enjoys creating sculptures, designing furniture, fashion, creating wearable art and spaces such as public art and landmarks. She aspires to leave a mark in her country and the Gulf region. To her, there’s no better mark than leaving a space more beautiful than it was found.