Lulwat Abdulaziz

An exquisite diamond-encrusted pearl frame envelops a skilfully hand-carved cameo of King Abdulaziz, the founding father of Saudi Arabia is a true masterpiece of artistry and craftsmanship. The gold details affixed of the carving on the Igaal and Bisht are delicately handmade in 18k yellow gold and gives the piece a striking and uncanny resemblance to King Abdulaziz’s iconic side profile, specifically his renowned Igaal. The lustrous pearls, symbolising nature’s bountiful beauty in its purest form – has been used as adornment in the Gulf for centuries. The brooch can also be transformed to be worn as a pendant with loops in the back for any chain or silk rope of choice.

The back of the piece features a wicker encasing inspired by the earliest furniture making technique known to mankind, which originated over 5000 years ago in Ancient Egypt. Deema Hefzi’s ode to her Saudi heritage and her love for ancient Arab and Middle Eastern design techniques from antiquity is carried even further as a signature seal hidden on the back of every piece. Using state-of-the-art techniques to create a seamless objet d’art, while maintaining the integrity of century old methods of relief carvings. Fusing the two to create thoughtfully crafted and designed wearable works of art made from the finest materials to withstand the test of trends and time.